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Plenty of quality rums and gins <$20/bottle

If you have a hispanic grocery store near you, can typically get lemons and limes for cheap [4/$1 at most, in Chicago I found limes 10/$1]

Sweet Vermouth is used in a lot, <$10

Basic Triple Sec <$10

Simple syrup is really cheap, assuming you already have sugar and water at home

Tonic water/Ginger Ale [get something better than Vernons and the like]

If you [or a friend/family members] has Herbs you can get those and throw into your drink. Mint is most common, I love thyme or Rosemary in Gin

We all start somewhere, I've still got Apple and Watermelon Puckers, less than great "Razz Cordial" and a few other silly things from my earlier days.

You can make good (well, decent anyway) Daiquiris and a personal favorite The Contractor for super cheap.

Get sugar at Aldi for like $2, make simple syrup. Get some Cruzan rum on sale for like $8-$12. Go for the handle to stretch the dollarz. Get some limes at your local mexican/hispanic grocery for like $0.10 each

Also, you can make kahlua-like coffee liqueur for cheap:

  1. Grain alcohol
  2. A bunch of brown and white sugar (and a little molasses)
  3. Some cheap coffee (Aldi whole bean is adequate, go 2/3 cold brew, 1/3 japanese ice brew)
  4. Some vanilla extract.

Throw some cheap vodka and half-and-half in there (I say sobieski, but whatever you do don't spend more than $15) and you've got a Caucasian.